It was on a Friday October 4th, 2019 that Kigali enjoyed the Opening of the 4th Edition of the URUSARO IWFF, the only and unique film festival that brings space, time and attention to Rwandan and International women filmmakers particularly in the capital city in the country of a thousand hills, Rwanda.

At Sainte Famille Hotels, located in the City of Kigali, downtown, a very accessible venue, beautiful in its own way and new built Hotel, the opening ceremony welcomed around 700 attendees, and mostly young men and women, among them filmmakers, cinéphiles and friends of filmmakers. “We created URUSARO after seeing that Rwandan women need to connect and network with other women filmmakers from other countries, but mostly those who come from advanced countries in terms of this art.” Said Jacqueline MUREKEYISONI, the Founder and Legal Representative of CinéFEMMES RWANDA. She introduced the guests of the edition by mentioning names, country they are from and organizations or institutions they represent.

As the edition’s theme was “Woman: Pillar of Cinema”, our guest of Honor was … a delegate of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in Rwanda, MIGEPROF. “Our path and history should be narrated in films and those should be made by Rwandans themselves” Said our guest of Honor.




The Festival Director, Floriane KANEZA, highlighted the weekly programme where screenings, panel discussions, master class and mainly the launching of “Let’s Make Docs!” an year-long project introducing young girls, at the end of senior-six (concluding their secondary studies), to the art of documentary filmmaking was announced. She called women to an active and balanced intervention by tackling on the place of a woman in cinema and stipulated: “Cinema needs all of us, Cinema needs men and Women”.

A Video showcasing some Rwandan known faces of women filmmakers was screened and from that, Willy NDAHIRO, the vice-president of Rwanda Film Federation brought his add to supporting the wave of bringing and supporting women, so that, on their side, they find possibility to combine the social attributions and the art of filmmaking. He concluded by saying: “Rwanda Film Federation thanks the URUSARO International Film Festival for their particular contribution”.

The event was a beautiful agenda of a “meet and greet”, with a great performance of kids from Rwanda Rocks, a music school in Kigali.

It was also entertained and moderated by the well-known Michael SENGAZI who performs for “Le Parlement du Rire”.  

It ended with the screening of “Dhalinyaro”, a film by Lula Ali Ismaïl from DJIBOUTI.