URUSARO IWFF is an annual cultural event that showcases female focused films, I.e, films made by Women & those narrating stories around Women in the society. As previous editions took place in different months, this edition brings up an appointment for Filmmakers, and October is our month.

The upcoming edition will offer a new journey and will bring up a new wave of Filmmakers in Rwanda and Internationally. A new team and a strategic road are already drawn, and the fun is on rendez-vous.

We question the society today but mainly to ourselves, What if the contribution of women lacks in making films? Will cinema survive once women are excluded? Will cinema stay being a superstructure in that way?

Our annual theme is « Woman: Pillar of cinema ». We understood that a woman is “a firm upright support for cinema », and try to face challenges in an active way by motivating, empowering and supporting women.

The calendar of the URUSARO IWFF 4th Edition will be discovered in the next article. Stay turned!