Capacity Building



Trainings and Workshops are the two sections among which CinéFEMMES RWANDA uses into building capacities. Film needs people to make them (Filmmakers) and its audience mostly composed of “Cinéphiles”. As there is a need to learn about making films, watching a film is another culture that should be adopted, reason why CinéFEMMES RWANDA has introduced a way of creating ways of building capacities to both Filmmakers and Cinéphiles.

Women Filmmakers Advocacy



In all its activities, CinéFEMMES RWANDA focuses on women participation. As observed, women mostly play minor roles in filmmaking whereas they are the main pillar of the society. The advocacy of CinéFEMMES RWANDA consists of raising awareness of the need of supporting women filmmakers into pursuing their careers no matter what happens to them.

Audiovisual Production


CinéFEMMES RWANDA works into film field. The organization is made of filmmakers inspired to inspire others. In their way of working, financial support becomes sometimes tough thing; but contributing to audiovisual production is not limited to that. Low budget productions are arranged within the organization with the support of each and every one, in the sense of giving hope and crewing within members.

Events and Film Screening



These activities take place on a particular time where a film meets a need of being watched, i.e., on particular occasions like celebrating a filmmaker, Paying Tribute, during trainings, during a festival, etc.

Any Other Business


In A.O.B, meet the contribution that CinéFEMMES RWANDA has to provide to the country and the World. We are committed to contributing to the wellness by participating into our partners’ activities that mainly focuses on gender equality.